Downtown Estes Park Shopping & Dining

There are many different destinations one can explore in the downtown Estes Park area; we will summarize a few of the many options below.

For shopping, Estes Park offers more than 300 shops displaying treasures from around the world, the region, and the village.  You can take home just about anything, from a t-shirt, local wines, a beautiful necklace or a handcrafted piece of wood furniture.  You’re sure to find something interesting just by taking a look around!

The restaurants in downtown Estes Park all offer quality food, but sometimes the atmosphere or location can make the meal extra special—for example, the Dunraven Inn is covered in about $16,000 worth of personalized dollar bills left by patrons, and many creatively modified Mona Lisa paintings. Live music can be found at the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern, while others like the Twin Owls Steakhouse and Hunters Chop House display their surrounding mountain scenery.

If you’d then like a little after-dinner entertainment, there are two movie theaters located downtown: the Reel Mountain Theater and the classic Historic Park Theater, built in 1913.

While you’re downtown, Bond Park may be worth a visit—it was recently renovated by the city and is now a friendly location with picnic tables and fresh grass—a nice location for an outdoor lunch!  From there, the Estes Valley Library is just across the street.

Don’t miss out on all other Estes Park activities.

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