Estes Park Horse Back Riding

If you love horses, you’re sure to love an afternoon of visual grandeur and satisfying Estes Park horseback riding at Rocky Mountain National Park, where the landscape varies from forests and lakes to mountain tundra—and 80% of the park’s trails are open for horseback riding. There are also several stables in Estes Park that can help prepare you for your venture; a few are listed and briefly described below.

First is the National Park Gateway Stables, conveniently located just before the park’s north entrance.  On their most popular trip, you can enjoy a leisurely two hours along the Fall River to the Hidden Meadow and Little Horseshoe areas of the park.  Wildflowers and snow-capped mountains can also be seen during the trail.

For a great beginning or satisfying finish to your day, try a breakfast or dinner ride with Sombrero Stables.  Along with their menus—scrambled eggs, pancakes and sausage for breakfast; steak, potatoes and beans for dinner—is an hour’s worth of mountain riding and the natural beauty that goes with it.

Finally, the ultimate cross-country trail ride can be had on Estes Park Outfitter’s 6+ mile excursion.  Due to the difficulty of this trail, which involves rocky terrain, past experience with horses is recommended.  Lunch is included.

For more details about Estes Park horseback riding excursions and trail options these stables offer, please see their individual websites.

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