Rocky Mountain National Park Activities

A visit to Rocky Mountain National Park during your stay in Estes Park is a must: the many things to do and wide range of landscape to see make the park a great destination for any person or group interested in getting outdoors!

An easy way to start exploring the park is by hiking one of its many trails.  Since there are about 359 miles of trail accessible open to hikers, backpackers and horseback riders, there are plenty of options available even if you’re just looking for an easy afternoon trek.  The Bierstadt Lake trail, a short forest walk, comes recommended for its great views, especially in the summer.  Conveniently, this trail is accessible by a free shuttle from the town, and links with three other routes that are also serviced by the shuttle.  Bring a map and you’ll be on your way!

All Rocky Mountain National Park activities are sure to lead to some awe-inspiring scenery, but be sure to keep a lookout for wildlife, as well: elk, chipmunks, foxes, coyotes and many other animals are often spotted in meadow areas and by rivers and streams. Bighorn Sheep, an exciting but rare find, can sometimes be seen near the Trail Ridge Road.

Open in the summer and fall, the Old Fall River Road is a one-way route over the continental divide and into the west side of the park; it can be accessed by car (or bike, in the early summer season) and connects with the Trail Ridge Road at its end.  Like most of the park, it has historical significance and makes a beautiful afternoon trip!

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